June 24th, 2011

I laid in bed listening to Sade’s “Kiss of life,” and I thought how
fulfilled I felt. My sheets smelt of his scent, and mines and our love making. It was intoxicating, and I wanted to lay in bed all day. This was Sheldon and my third date, and the first time we made love. It felt like heaven being dominated by Sheldon. It had been a long time since I was made love to, the way Sheldon made love to me.

I met Sheldon Drake on June 10th, 2011. I was coming from the nail salon, and I caught a glipes of a fine-ass man in a shop across the street. I usually didn’t pay much attention to the raggedy-dudes down in that area, but this guy was different. He wasn’t a regular dude in that area. I could tell, that he was passing through just like I was. It was an extremely hot day and I had my toe and my back out. He was wearing a tight fitting v-neck shirt, and some khaki shorts. He wore some fresh white on white Nike air-force ones. His hair was short cut to perfection, with a razor sharp tape line. Some Gucci shades covered his brown eyes, that seemed to sparkle through the lens. I walked across the street, into the store he was in. I pretended to shop, but I was watching his every move. I watched from the corner of my eye, seeing what he was purchasing. He brought some sox and some underwear. The underwear were very sexy, but masculine at the same time if that was possible. I once dated a dude that wore the tightest bikini underwear ever made. I argued with him one day, because I thought he was wearing a pair of my panties. He and I broke up shortly after that, and I was relieved. It was good to see that this dude wore manly underwear. He made his purchase, and headed out the door. I brought a cheap tee-shirt and headed out the door behind him. He was tall and lean with a golden brown complexion. He looked as if he could be mixed, Hispanic or a light-skin Black. He had the cutiest little ass, as he walked through the downtown streets. I breezed through, hoping not to be noticed by him. As I reached the corner, I couldn’t see him anywhere. I was frantic, for a second. Where could mister-goodlooking have gone, I thought. I stood around in limbo, wondering where could he have disappeared to? As I stood looking from left to right, I heard a voice from behind. “Are you looking for me?” I turned around and to my surprise, was mister-sexy standing behind me. He was sexier in person, and the cologne he was wearing smelt exquisite. All I could do was smile, and then laugh. The rest of the afternoon we spent together having lunch, and getting to know one another. He was twenty-eight years old, single with no children and a aspiring model. I was completely sold on him, and whatever he had to offer. We spent the evening at my place, with a glass of wine and Sade playing in the background. I talked about my life, and the things that I was into. Before I knew it, we were in each others arms kissing like teenagers. He spent the night at my place, and I gave him head. That was the extent of our first meeting, Sheldon Drake and I.

June 26th, 2011

It was a quiet Sunday morning, and I woke up with Sheldon’s arm wrapped tightly around my waist. It felt so amazing being held. It had been a minute since I was in this situation. I laid a little longer, while Sheldon kissed the back of my neck. Both of our stomachs began to growl! I immediately got the hint! Even though he was an aspiring model, Sheldon Drake loved to eat. I wasn’t much of a cook, so I went down to the corner diner for some breakfast take-out. I slipped on a t-shirt, some sweat-pants, and pulled my hair back into a pony-tail.

As I walked downstairs, I thought about my bestfriend, LaShaun Foster. I usually thought about her, whenever I met a new guy. She and I were best-friends since junior-high. She was the pretty girl, who didn’t think much of herself. Which was largely because her mother made her feel worthless. LaShaun had beauty and brains, and was the first to do everything. She was the first to move and attend college. LaShaun was also the first to get married and move into her own house. I was always a close second to her, but she always out did me. It was cool though. She and I weren’t in competition, or anything. I did beat her at losing my virginity first. I actually lost it a year before I said I did, when I was (13). The story I tell is with Corey Givens. He was (4) years older than I was at the time. He would come by my house everyday, after summer school. We would fuck all afternoon, before my mother and siblings would come home. He would hold me in his arms, and tell me how much he loved me. At that age, I wasn’t looking for love. I was only interested in the experience, of being fucked by an older dude. Our love affair would only last through the summer break. Once school started up again I started high-school, and he went off to college. Corey attended a school out of state, which I was glad. He would write me letters confessing his love to me. At the time, I thought the shit was real sappy and annoying. In the beginning, I would respond back, but it began to become a hassle. There were nights that LaShaun and I sat up, and would read his poetic-words. I’d give them to LaShaun, and she’d expect them before she would throw them away. Being with Sheldon sort of reminded me of Corey Given’s, but in a good way. I often wondered what became of him. His family eventually moved away and I never saw Corey again. I purchased Sheldon and I Breakfast, and headed back to my apartment.

Sheldon was still laying in bed, looking sexier than ever. I kissed him on his forehead, and told him let’s eat. We ate downstairs in the dining-room, not really saying a word at first. Sheldon was a sight of perfection wearing just his boxer-briefs bare chested, with zero body-fat. After we finished eating, Sheldon began to massage my shoulders. I tilted my head back in ecstasy, as Sheldon rubbed my worries away. Sheldon ran his hands down cupping my breast, and making me feel horny. He worked his way around, still cupping and massaging my breast. He gave me the eye to open my legs, and I did what his eyes told me to do. Sheldon began to pull my sweats down with his teeth. I was impressed with the man’s skills. My bottom was now exposed, and vulnerable. It seemed that Sheldon was hungry once again. He ate me the entire morning, and I didn’t mind. This also reminded me of Corey Given’s.

July 1, 2011

My week started out crazy, but that was really the norm for me. After laying up with Sheldon Drake all weekend, our story-book love affair came to an end. Sheldon received a call from his agent late Sunday evening. Sheldon had to report to LA for a job, early Monday morning. I accompanied Sheldon to the airport, so we could get our last goodbyes in. We walked hand in hand slowly through the airport, while peoples eyes watched us. Sheldon was definitely a sight to see, and for a change, I was happy to be happy with someone. He was tall, fine and athletic-thin. I knew people wondered if he was black, Spanish or mix. He wasn’t excepted for just being an attractive man. Our society tend to have to put you in a category to understand you. It really didn’t matter what race Sheldon was to me. I was just happy, and that was rare for me. Sheldon and I made it to the gate, we sat around without conversation, and that was cool. It wasn’t until they decided to board, that we had so much to say to each other. We held hands while the ticket agent checked him in. He turned and embraced me tightly, leaving his scent on me. We kissed briefly, and then he was gone. I stayed and watched his plane take off.

Once I arrived at work, I briefly talked to LaShaun on the phone. We had a few weeks to catch up on. LaShaun traveled for her job, and this was her busy season. We made idle chit-chat during the week. I didn’t mention Sheldon’s name at all. LaShaun was my best-friend, but sometimes I felt that she was the only one that could have a good guy in her life. That was because most of the dudes I dated were a piece of shit. We decided to hook up for drinks after work, that friday. I was ready for a good drink or two, and to see my friend.

I usually worked late on Fridays, but this particular Friday I left early. I stayed late Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. My boss left early, so I didn’t see the reason to stay. LaShaun and I had a few spots that we would frequent throughout the city. Usually when we had drinks after work, we went to this place called “Spikes.” It was this trendy little place in Midtown, known for it’s intoxicating drinks and cute bartenders. I was usually early, and LaShaun was habitually late. That’s how things always were with us. I grabbed a table, and ordered a drink. I glazed up at the seven television’s at the bar a few times, and listened in on a few conversations. I received a text from LaShaun saying she was down the block, and to order her a drink. I smiled, and summoned the waiter over and ordered her drink. Two minutes later, the waiter was bringing me two drinks. I sat looking a little puzzled, I wondered if I told the waiter I wanted two drinks. “The guy at the bar sent theses over to you.” The waiter said to me, as if he could read my mind. When I looked up at the bar, I saw a fine as chocolate-man sitting with a smile. His name was Darren Moore, and he was extremely out of my league, or so I thought. Fucking around with him I believed would be more than I could bargain for.

July 2, 2011

Drinks with LaShaun turned into dinner, and then dancing at “Spinners”. She and I partied into the early morning. It felt like we were in school again. She and I together were the dynamic-duo. She was the salt, to my pepper. I sometimes wondered what Stephen, her husband thought about her all night partying. They seemed to always communicate well, with one another.I never heard LaShaun say a bad thing about Stephen.

I usually did house work on Saturdays, but this Saturday I was worn out. I checked my messages on my phone, and the first voice I heard was Sheldon Drakes. That immediately brightened my day. “Hey babe! I know that your probably still asleep, but I was up thinking about you. I’ve been busy since I’ve been here. Photo shoots after photo shoots, but it will be all worth it in the end. Call me once you get a free moment. Hopefully we can talk a bit.” I instantly got wet hearing his voice. I thought that it was nice of him to hit me up. I listened to his message a few more times, then wiped myself with a washcloth. There were a few more messages on my machine. There was one from my older sister Lesley. She and I didn’t really talk much. We didn’t have much in common, so we reserved our talks to more important things. “Hey LOU! Give me a call once you get this message. It’s your sister LES.” Her message was dry, and lifeless. I’d call her once I got myself together. It was almost 2 o’clock, so I needed to be pulling things together I thought. The last message was from Darren Moore. I completely stopped in my tracks! After he had the waiter bring the drink over, I went over and thanked him. He was on his way out, but we were able to exchange numbers. I was shocked that he called so soon. I was intrigued, but still felt that mister Moore was more than I could handle.

July 3rd, 2011

After a wonderful weekend ,chilling with my ace I was ready to see some fireworks. LaShaun and I had a fabulous lunch, and did some much needed shoe-shopping that Saturday. She talked about her job, and the new clients she acquired. She was a P.R. Representative, so she got to party and meet a lot of famous people. They required the best service, and LaShaun was the best at what she did. She provided her clients with first-class service. LaShaun was there for them, and she was paid handsomely. She was in the process of redecorating one Stephen’s and her apartments in the city. It was nothing for her to brag about what she had, or what she was doing. I never mentioned Sheldon to her, I basically talked about my work, which was uneventful. But it was eventful enough to keep the conversation going. As we sat and talked, I received a text from Sheldon, and a few pictures from his photo-shoot. He was wearing nothing but some underwear, and If I was a gay man I would’ve instantly been erect. After our wonderful day together, LaShaun and I went our separate ways. LaShaun headed further downtown for some more designs, while I headed uptown to do more damage to my credit card.

The city was calm for a Sunday. I believed people were inside marinating their meats for the 4th of July cook-outs. I wasn’t a cook, nor was I interested in any cook-outs. I was excited about the firework show the city put on every year. I wished that Sheldon was here with me, so we could experience this moment together. I was deep into thought, when this black and red Porsche Cayenne pulled up next to me. I rarely payed attention to things like this, but this car was Bad-Ass! The passenger window rolled down, and I heard a familiar voice from inside. “May I give you a lift?” It was Darren Moore, and he was starting to look more, and more yummy to me. “What, do you just drive around the city escorting ladies?” I said in a girlie voice. “Only sexy ones like you ma’am! Jump in, and let’s go have a drink or a bite.” The offer was so tempting, but I wasn’t hungry. Mister Moore didn’t need to know all of that. He jumped out of the drivers side looking so irresistible. Again, if I was a gay man my dick would be rock hard. Darren put my bags of shoes in the back, and he politely opened the passenger door for me. We were in a trendy area of the city, so finding a great location wasn’t hard.

Darren talked about his work, and where he was from originally. He was an only child, and he and his parents were extremely close. He played foot-ball in college, and he owned his own architecture firm. I gave him the brief background of myself. My parents divorced when I was young. I had two siblings, Lesley and Lexington. I worked in advertising, so our work was somewhat similar. I wasn’t my parents favorite child, but we tolerated each other. I usually talked about my friendship with LaShaun on my dates, but this time I left her out. Somehow everybody always knew her, because she was the girl to know. I wanted Mister Darren Moore to know me for all of my talents. The conversation flowed easily between us both. I commented on his work-out attire. Darren was wearing a cream colored Puma velour tracksuit. It had powder-blue stripes in it, that matched his creme and powder-blue Puma sneakers. It looked fabulous against his chocolate skin. He said his gym was around the corner, and that he was running to get a protein shake. Likely story I thought, but I was glad to see him. I temporarily lost thought of everything and everyone in Mister Moore’s presence.

July 4th, 2011

After my second lunch of the day, one with LaShaun and the other with Darren. Mister Moore was very insistent that we spend the 4th of July evening with each other. I was hesitant at first, but when he pulled out some concert tickets I was all aboard. I went home, and prepared myself for an evening out on the town. Darren Moore, was a fine guy and listening to great music was always a plus. This would be Darren and I’s first date out together, so I had to put it on thick for the brother. My hair was past my shoulder, and I recently got a touch-up. So basically my shit was laid, and ready to be played in. I combed it to one side, and placed a pretty flower on the other end. I wore a light blue and pink strapless dress sun dress. It complimented my brown skin well, and I was sure Darren wouldn’t mind it a bit. If people didn’t know us, they’d think that we were an actual couple. I thought that we looked good together, and I was sure Darren felt the same way.

The concert was at 8pm, and being held at one of the cities outside events. It was going to be a romantic setting, but I wasn’t sure if there would be any romance involved. I sprayed a touch of Chanel behind my ears, and between my thighs just in case though. I sat in my living-room patiently waiting for Darren to show up. I thought to call LaShaun, but dismissed that thought. It was the fourth of July, and she might want to do something. There wasn’t time to explain Darren Moore, or where I met him. I sat nervously, and then Darren ranged my bell. As I walked out of my apartment, I left all of my inhibitions on the other side of the door.

We drove a quiet romantic drive through the city to the venue. Darren Moore was more attractive dressed up as he was dressed casually. Most folk opted to do the backyard, or state park cook-outs. But when Raye Simone puts on a show, everyone shows up. I did remember seeing her show advertised, but knew that the show would probably be sold out. Little did I know that I would meet Darren Moore, and that he’d invite me out on this fabulous evening. We walked inside the venue hand and hand. Eyes were all over us, and i knew that people thought that we were a good-looking couple. I stood on the side waiting for him, as he walked to get us both some wine. Darren packed a light meal for us, and I was fucking impressed! It had been a minute since I had a date of this caliber. I stood, so caught up in the rapture that didn’t hear a voice behind me. I felt the tapping on my shoulder though. I turned around almost annoyed to see LaShaun standing in front of me. “Are you deaf? I only called you four times.” LaShaun said almost shouting over the NEO-Soul music playing. LaShaun looked fabulous, as always. She did a nice colorful tight fitting dress, which made her look sensational. She wore her hair in tight spiral curls, and some nose bleed high heels. We both hugged, and I immediately felt my stomach sink. “Where’s Stephen?” I shouted out! That was all I could think of saying. “Buying tee-shirts, and programs. You know him.” LaShaun said, as we both laughed. There was two seconds of silence, and I knew she was wondering who I was with. But before she could even get the thought out of her head. Darren walked up with two glasses, and a bottle of bubbly. “Here we are my lady!” Darren said in a deep masculine voice. “Hi! I’m LaShaun Foster, I’m Louise’s best-friend.” LaShaun enthusiastically said! “Nice to meet you, I’m Darren Moore.” Darren said extending his hand. Two more seconds of awkward silence, and then the lights began to flicker. “I guess we better get to our seats.” Darren said, as he grabbed the basket of food and my arm. “Nice to meet you LaShaun.” “Like-wise, mister Moore.” LaShaun said slyly giving me a devilish look. “I’ll call you later girl! Tell Stephen I said hello.” And like that, we were off. I got away clean, without a million of LaShaun’s questions. I could feel her eyes watching us, as we walked away. I was going to enjoy this evening, whether she was here or not. My cell-phone began to ring and instantly I thought that it was LaShaun. I immediately pushed the ignored button. But the phone continued to ring, so I looked down and saw Sheldon’s name. I instantly felt like shit!

After that “FABULOUS” show and the dazzling fire-works display. Darren and I drove back to my place. Once at my apartment, Darren thanked me for accompanying him to the show and I thanked him for taking me. I asked him up for a bit, and he took me up on my offer. He admired my furniture, and art that I had displayed. I poured us both some wine, and the small talk continued. It didn’t take long for Darren to plant a kiss on me. Sparks flew and I lost all control. I kissed Darren back and that’s when it started. Darren backed me against the wall, while his full masculine hands cupped my full breast. His tongue and my tongue connected in ways, that you’d think we were lesbians. Darren slid down gripping my waist, and then his head was underneath my dress. He’s face caressed my middle, while I gripped his back. Darren placed my legs on his shoulder’s, and picked me up into the air. At first I thought that I was going to hit my head on the ceiling. I held on to the door-frame, as Darren carried me upstairs, and to my bed-room. Once in my bed-room, I fell into my bed, bouncing as if I was on a trampoline. Fire-works blazed in the background, while happiness covered both of our faces. I laid back, while Darren pulled off my dress. I undid his belt, and helped him out of his pants. At this moment and time, nothing or no one mattered.

July 5th, 2011

The sun woke me up, or should I say the vibration of my cell phone. I laid on my stomach, looking off my bed. There I saw my dress crumbled on the floor. There wasn’t a trace of Darren Moore anywhere. Just his scent covering my sheets and the bed-room. I slid on my sweats and a t-shirt. I washed and brushed my teeth, then headed down into the kitchen. There I found a note from Darren. “From the empty fridge and cabinets, I can see that you’re not a cook. I went out for breakfast and juice. Be back soon.” I smiled to myself, and wondered how lucky I was. He was right about me not cooking. I looked into my refrigerator and saw emptiness. I laughed out loud, and wondered how long Darren had been gone. I picked up my house phone to call and see how close he was. My door-bell rang instantly. I hung up the phone and opened the door with my arms stretched wide. To my surprise Sheldon Drake stood in my doorway.

After the shock of seeing Sheldon wore off, I stood in my doorway embracing Him. I held him as if he just came home from the war. I felt like a lady standing in a mine-field, that was about to explode. “I wanted to surprise you last night. I called you and came by, but you weren’t home. I’ve been really thinking about you since I left. I know that it’s only been (11) days since we’ve known each other. But I’m really feeling you LOU.” Sheldon said to me in the most kindest way. Tears started to stream out of my face. I hadn’t heard a man say such things since forever. Sheldon Drake possessed good-looks, brains and could fuck like a champion. He was also very knowledgable about life, and knew how to treat a lady at the tender age of (28). He could teach the men (10) years older than him how to treat woman. “Babe! We’re still standing in the door-way. Do you think I can come in?” “Oh my God! Ofcourse we can. I’m still in shock that your here.” I said closing the door, and taking his bags. “Are you hungry? If you are, we’d have to go out.” I said making references to us leaving quick fast. “I’d really like a shower right now. I’ve been on a plane for almost (4) hours, and my ass is dirty.” We both laughed at his statement, but I was laughing in fear. I was a grown woman for Christ sakes. Neither Darren nor Sheldon were my man. But they’ve both been inside of me in this pass week and a half. “My room is a mess, you’ll have to shower down here.” I told Sheldon, as I gave him a towel and wash cloth. He knew his way around the house, so I let him go where he needed to be. Once Sheldon closed the bathroom door, I raced upstairs to my bedroom. I stripped the sex sheets off of my bed. I pulled out the Lysol can, and began to spray. I looked around the bed and picked up the condom wrapper. Nothing went down in the bathroom, it was the bedroom that needed the most attention. I picked up my cell phone, and called Darren. It went straight to voice mail, which I found to be weird. I didn’t have time to really pounder any thoughts. I ran around the room like a mad-woman, dotting my “I’s” and crossing my “T’s”. I heard Sheldon calling my name, and at first I wondered if Darren came back and jumped in the shower thinking it was me. I tip-toed down the stairs looking around, making sure everything was good. Everything was quiet! The storm hadn’t happened yet. I went to the bathroom door, and Sheldon stood dripping wet from water and his natural sexuality. “Why don’t you come in and join me? I’m all cleaned up now. Now it’s your turn to clean up.” Sheldon said to me in a sexy voice. I wondered could he smell the sex that Darren and I made? And where the fuck was Darren with breakfast? I stepped out of my clothe, quickly jumping under the water trying to erase the last few hours. Sheldon stood behind me, and I could feel his throbbing manhood on my back. I wondered if he had sex while he was away? I knew I did, and I was trying to shake the guilt off. I thought to ask at one point, but I thought that it would be inappropriate. I cried softly, as the water began to beat down on my face. Sheldon began to massage my back. He spun me around and began to kiss me. It wasn’t a Darren Moore kiss, but it took me to a familiar place. It was calm there, and I had no worries. Sheldon’s hands caressed me all over, until his fingers found themselves a home. I moaned softly, as his fingers went deeper inside of me. The water seemed to get intense, and before i knew it Sheldon was making me rain. Our lips never left each other, and I knew this feeling was much stronger than any other. But I still wondered where Darren was? The doorbell ranged, and I knew that it was time to face reality. “I wonder who could that be?” I said softly, wishing Sheldon would tell me not to leave. But he didn’t, so I left our sanctuary. I wrapped myself tightly with a towel. I took a deep breath, and opened the door. “Surprise!” LaShaun screamed out! She was holding two bags of what smelled like breakfast. This was the busiest my apartment has been in a long time.

LaShaun brushed by me, into my apartment. “I just had to come through and get the dirt.” LaShaun said, as she placed the food on the kitchen table. I stood watching her place juice and coffee, and breakfast on the table. I was still wrapped in my towel, and soaking wet. Before I could say anything else, Sheldon walked out of the bathroom wrapped tightly in a towel. LaShaun was speechless! I knew she came over to talk about Darren Moore, but now she probably wondered who Sheldon was. “Wow, breakfast!” Sheldon said, while rubbing his perfectly flat stomach. “Help yourself. I’m LaShaun Foster, Louise best-friend.”

After breakfast, Sheldon and I got dressed and prepared for our day. LaShaun still had much conversation for Sheldon. I was still wondering where Darren was, and why hadn’t he called? LaShaun and Sheldon’s conversation flowed easily. LaShaun represented the beautiful people, and Sheldon a beautiful man. He wasn’t pretentious, which is what I loved about him. LaShaun did her name dropping routine, which didn’t faze Sheldon at all. He dropped a few names his self, dates locations. I could see that LaShaun was impressed by that. It was still early morning, and I had the day off. Since I wouldn’t be spending it with Darren Moore, I’d happily spend it with Sheldon Drake. I did however wonder, what the hell happened to Darren?

July 6th, 2011

It was Wednesday, hump-day and I was back on my work grind. Sheldon and I had a great morning hump, followed by a light breakfast. He had work to do, and so did I. We’d hook-up later that evening for drinks, or something. Once I got to my office, I went through some mail that my assistant laid out. I picked up the phone, and called Darren’s cell phone. It went straight to voice mail, again! I was now officially worried, but I had to stay focused. I hung the phone up, and it rung. “Louise Somme’s.”I answered in my business-voice. “What’s up LOU? It’s me Lesley!” I knew who it was, from her dry-tone. “Hey LES! I got your message the other night. Sorry that I didn’t call back, I’ve been busy. What’s up?” I asked, while sitting back in my chair comfortably. “I need you to come over sometime this week. There’s some papers and letters here, that you need to go through before I throw them out.” I wondered what papers she was talking about, but I agreed to come by that evening. We both said goodbye, and then hung up. I picked up the phone, and started to dial Darren’s number again, but I hung the phone up. I wasn’t going to let this become an issue for me.

Nine hours later, and I was free from my work prison. As I walked out of my office building I spotted LaShaun standing across the street. I walked calmly across to where she was. “Are you hiding from someone over here?” I said to her in a joking tone. “I was just over here waiting for you to come out the building.” LaShaun replied sliding on some Prada shades over her eyes. She looked as if she’d been crying. Her eyes were red and irreitated, but I didn’t ask any questions. “You could’ve called you know. We do have phones upstairs.” I said again, but could see that my jokes weren’t working on her. “Where are you off to this evening? A date with mister chocolate, or young vanilla?” I was waiting for her to ask about Darren and Sheldon. She’d met them both, but she and I hadn’t had an opportunity alone. I’d assume all the Q & A was to take place at my apartment. It was weird that she was asking now, though. “Neither of them actually, I’m headed to Lesley’s house tonight. She has some stuff for me to go through. Papers and letters, probably stuff that needs to see the trash.” I replied as we walked down the street. “I didn’t know you were dating anyone here lately.” LaShaun said in motherly tone. It really wasn’t her business who I was keeping time with. I’ve been burned before in the past, by telling my business. This was especially by LaShaun, best- friend. She was my girl, but I didn’t feel the need to expose my gynecological activities with her. I did wonder what was going on with her today. LaShaun wasn’t one the keep shit on the low, so I assumed there was something else behind all of this.

After a weird moment with LaShaun, I finally made it to my sister’s house. I didn’t look forward to seeing her, or being back in the house I grew up in. I knew LaShaun wouldn’t come over to the old neiborhood. Her mother still lived there, in their old house. When LaShaun went away to college, she never came back until years after. The LaShaun Foster that I grew up with never came back. Instead, an accomplished professional woman returned. A man eater and head hunter returned. She pushed whomever was in her way to the side. Our friendship somehow survived during that time. She and i didn’t speak the entire time she was gone. I did know that things would change between us. Things however never really changed between Lesley and I. She and I have never been really close . We were both spitting images of our mother, but totally different. Lesley opted being a mother and wife, while I went to community college and got a career. Her married life wasn’t what she thought it was going to be. She had nothing to fall back on, after her marriage dissolved. She moved back here with mother, and her three kids. Mother eventually moved out, leaving the house to her. My brother, Lexington and I moved forward in our lives. Lesley’s life came to a complete stop. She allowed the state to take care of her and her kids. I ranged the door-bell, admiring her garden in the front on the house. The door opened slowly and there stood my twelve year-old niece Misha. “Auntie LOU LOU, is that you?” She screamed with excitement! “Yes, it is me sweetie!” I opened the screen-door and hugged her tightly. Tears formed in my eyes. “Who’s there Mimi?” Lesley called out. I’m sure she knew exactly who was at the door. LES walked out of the kitchen looking the best that I’ve ever seen her. We were all tall and thin, like our mothers. Lesley just like myself had below shoulder length hair, and pretty smooth brown skin. Even though LES had three kids, it was hard to tell which one of us was older. “Look at you business lady, how are things on wall street?” Lesley had a way of venting her anger, and dislike of her own circumstance. “Work is going well, LES. There’s no complaints there. Where’s this stuff that I need to Pick up?” She and I weren’t good at small talk. “I’m moving, Louise. The kids and I are moving next month.” As Lesley said the words, my stomach dropped. “There are some things of yours that you left here. I’m sure you may want these things back. Old clothes, papers and a bunch of letters.” I didn’t hear anything else of what she was saying. All that echoed in my head was that she was moving. The things that she mentioned were in a box in the corner. I glazed at some of the stuff inside. Some of the things looked familiar, but this wasn’t the place to go through my past life. I did see some letters from Corey, I didn’t really want to go through that again. “We’re leaving in a few weeks, and I know the rest of the kids would want to see you. You and I need to sit and talk before this. We have some unfinished business to take care of.” She was right about that. “I’ll call you in a couple of days, Lesley. I responded to her, as I walked out of the door carrying my box. I thought to call my mother, as soon as I left the house. But I wasn’t in the mood for anymore family surprises this evening.

July 7th, 2011

After retrieving my box of things from my sisters house, I met Sheldon for drinks in the city. As usual when I showed up Sheldon had a bunch of groupies watching him. I was used to this by now. Sheldon Drake was very attractive, and it wasn’t because of his photo spread in popular magazines. He was as sensitive, as he was passionate. He looked happier than usual, so I didn’t want to bring his mood down with my issues. I planted a huge kiss on his lips, as I sat down. “What’s up babe?” Sheldon said, while eyeing me up and down. “Desperately needing a drink, and some much needed Sheldon Drake attention.” I replied to him, and we both laughed. It was corny, but Sheldon could appreciate shit like that. He began to tell me about his day, as the drinks started to flow. He usually had full days and interesting stories to tell. But tonight I wasn’t hearing any of those stories. All that I could hear was, Lesley’s voice and how she and the kids were moving. “I believe I got the male lead in Raye Simone’s new video. They had a casting call this afternoon.” immediately, flashes of my one date with Darren Moore popped into my head. That broke me out of my trance. I kinda figured Sheldon brought that up because he saw the ticket stub somewhere in my apartment. “Raye Simone! I love her music. LaShaun and I went to her concert the other night. How ironic is that?” I played that shit off smoothly. Just in case Sheldon was wondering who I went out with. It was a half truth, if I had’ve brought the tickets myself I would’ve asked her to attend. I hated lying about insufficient things. Sheldon hadn’t done me no wrong, and I’ve been lying my ass off to protect something panning out to be nothing. I wanted to know if he was seeing anyone else, but this wasn’t really a relationship. It was just great sex, and to be honest I was loving it. After our drinks, Sheldon and I went home and watched a movie on demand. I sucked his dick half way through it.

Thursday’s was my out of the office day. I had some time to kill, so I ventured downtown where Darren Moore’s company was. He had a lot of nerve standing me up with no explanation. I was officially going to solely concentrate on Sheldon, but I needed to end what started with Darren first. I looked up his company in the buildings index, but it wasn’t there. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed his number. It now was disconnected! I thought to go by the gym he said he frequent, but somehow I knew that would be a fabrication as well. I left well alone, and continued with the rest of my morning.

July was one of the hottest months in the city. I stopped at a deli for an authentic Italian-icee. I grew up on those things, And I was so craving one. As I made my purchase, I saw a familiar face. “Hey there sir!” “What’s going on Miss lady?” It was Stephen, LaShaun’s husband. “What are you doing in this neck of the woods?” I asked in a suspicious tone. “I’m actually looking at some office space in the area. I see that your enjoying a frozen treat.” We both laugh, then dead silence. My thoughts of the past came rushing through. I got a complete head rush from the cold icee. “So did you enjoy the Raye Simone concert, the other night?” I asked, even though I didn’t see him the entire time. “What Raye Simone concert, the other night?” I stood for a moment looking stupid. “Weren’t you at the Raye Simone concert with LaShaun?” I replied with a hint of attitude. “LOU, LaShaun and I have been separated for months now. I believe that it’s headed for divorce.” Hearing Stephen say the words was like having egg thrown into my face.

Stephen was dead-ass serious! I could see it in his eyes, I’ve seen this look in Stephen’s eyes before. Way back when I was (21), Stephen would tell me he loved me everyday. I met Stephen Grant my sophomore year in college. He was one of the cutest-nerd boys I ever saw. I didn’t really date in college. There was Corey before high-school, and then Stephen. What attracted us together was our love of the arts. Everything was peaches and cream between us, then he met LaShaun. LaShaun burst back into everyone’s life. In perfect LaShaun fashion, she assumed her position. Taking Stephen away from me, was her first mission. A year after they met, the two were inseparable. They would eventually marry, and now they’re divorcing. I sat next to him, and hugged him tightly. I saw the sadness in his face. I could feel his pain as well. “I tried LOU! I tried everyday that we were together, but it wasn’t enough. LaShaun never loved me, LaShaun never cared!” I felt a sort of relief about hearing it come from his mouth. LaShaun only wanted Stephen, because I had him. Stephen was still attractive, but he’s never been LaShaun’s type. He’s a picnic in the park, or a walk on the beach. Stephen is the type of guy, one would fall in love with and grow old with. For so many years Stephen Grant was my type of guy.

July 14th, 2011

It had been (7) days since Stephen dropped his bombshell. I couldn’t believe that he and LaShaun were separated, and talking divorce. Darren Moore literally came and went out of my life. My sister Lesley, finally decided to get her life together and now she’s moving out of state. So many wild and crazy things were going on. Things between Sheldon and I were still going strong. That was the one thing right in my life, other than work, health, blah blah blah.

It was thursday, and a week ago Stephen was bending my ear at a downtown deli. I decided not to go anywhere in that neighborhood. I was in need of a Mister-freeze, but I suppressed that craven. I ran my errands, as I usually did on Thursday’s. LaShaun was out of town on business, and this was definitely something that needed to be discussed in person. I was sorry to hear, that her (10) year marriage was unavailing. I thought about when my parents divorced, and dad moved out. He took a job in San Fransico, and left us behind. It was the weirdest thing I thought at the time. My brother, Lexington and I visited often. Lexington moved out there his last year of school. An unforeseen situation could’ve derailed my future, but sacrifices were made. That was the start of my mother’s and I weird relationship. Many mistakes were made back then, but I redeemed myself as I got older. I kinda felt like I was reliving all that hell, again. I was extremely, deep into my thoughts. I sat in a hotel lobby, waiting for a potential client. My mind was starting to wonder about a lot of things from my past. I then saw my client headed towards me. I flashed on my corporate smile. We greeted each other, and as we both took seats I saw Darren Moore walk pass. I literal sat with a shocked look on my face. My ears heard what my client was saying, but my eyes followed Darren through the hotel lobby. “Excuse me for a second!” I said, interrupting my client. I had to find out where Darren Moore went to. At that moment, nothing else seemed to matter. I raced through the lobby, but didn’t see him anywhere.