May, 1992

It was warm outside, but not hot. Nobody cared though, it was graduation day and it didn’t matter if there was a blizzard. LaShaun Foster and Louise Somme’s were graduating, and that was all that mattered. Both girls took two different paths to get here, but they arrived together. This would be the last time, that the two girls would stand on this stage. It was the last lunch at the cafeteria. The last time that they’d pass notes in biology. It would be the last time, that either of them made out under the bleaches. The time was drawing near, as both girls could feel there names being called. LaShaun’s was called first! As she stepped out on to the stage, the audience cheered and clapped. LaShaun looked around at the smiling faces, but the one face she wanted to see was not there. It didn’t matter, she thought. She was now (18) and able to make her own decisions. LaShaun smiled, grabbed her diploma and headed back to her seat. A few names were called on in between, but once Louise Somme’s name was called. It was officially over! It seemed as if the queen had entered the building. People stood on their chairs. Cameras flashed instantly! Two rows of her family jumped to their feet. It was a sight that LaShaun Foster was tired of seeing.

An hour and a half later, the Somme’s family and LaShaun sat and had dinner. It was the girls favorite seafood restaurant. “I’m sorry that your mother wasn’t feeling good to attend the ceremony.” Mrs. Somme’s said to LaShaun. “She’ll be alright, I’m sure.” LaShaun responded, while looking up from her plate. It was a routine that LaShaun’s mother had perfected. Get pissy drunk the night before, then sleep it off all day.

Everyone laughed and shared stories of good memories. LaShaun always enjoyed the Somme’s clan. Louise was LaShaun’s best friend, but there were times when LaShaun felt that she needed more.

After dinner, the girls posed for pictures together. Louise’s sister, Lesley and her brother Lexington joined as well. When it was time to leave and return to her reality. LaShaun faked her smile and tears. “Are you going to spend the night with me?” Louise asked. “I still have a lot of packing to do.” LaShaun responded, as they both exited the car together. “This is our last night together. I want us to get wasted together.” Louise replied to LaShaun. “I’m catching an earlier flight, in the morning. I need to mentally prepare myself for this move.” LaShaun responded nonchalantly. “Let’s at least sit on the stoop together. Can I at least get an hour of you’re time?” Louise pleaded with LaShaun. “Yes you may, Louise.” The Two girls sat all night laughing, talking and crying. It was their last night as girls, and they both wanted to share it together.

The next morning, LaShaun struggled with her bags from her bedroom. The house was quiet at this time. Her younger sister and two brothers were fast asleep. As she dragged her duffle bag passed her mothers door. She stopped and peeked inside. This was a routine of LaShaun’s. She sometimes thought, what if this woman died? What would happen to her and her siblings? Her mother would eventually cough or move, and LaShaun would be relieved. Her mother coughed and rolled over. LaShaun was not relieved. It would be her last time to ever think these thoughts.

LaShaun’s taxi pulled up, and the driver helped with her bag. LaShaun looked around the neighborhood for a minute. Tears burned her eyes, but it was now or never. “LASHAUN!!!!!” She heard her name called out. It was Louise standing in her doorway. The two girls ran and embraced each other tightly. “You better call, once you get settled bitch!” Louise said. “It won’t be everyday, but I’ll drop you a line.” LaShaun responded. Then it was over. The taxi drove off, and LaShaun sat back comfortably.

LaShaun had been to the airport several times, but she’d never flown before. She handed the ticket agent her first class ticket, and was escorted to her seat. It was big, plush and very comfortable. LaShaun thought that all seats were this pleasant. The flight attendant asked LaShaun what she wanted to drink. LaShaun was a fan of apple juice, so she asked for the biggest glass that they had. LaShaun sat back in her chair, waiting for take off. She crossed her legs, and ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair. LaShaun was casually dressed in Guess jeans and a cotton top. She wore a pair of blue and white air max on her feet. She wasn’t into make up, but she applied a little mascara and lip gloss. She wanted to appear (18) even though she looked like she was (16). LaShaun reached into her carry on and pulled out a fist full of envelopes. They were letters from the past two years. They were letters from Corey Givens. They were letters that Corey wrote Louise. The fasten your seatbelt sign came on. The fight attendant began her safety illustration. LaShaun put the letters away.

Almost two hours later, the airplane landed. Butterflies began to develop inside of LaShaun’s stomach. She was where she thought She needed to be. LaShaun was in first class, so they were escorted off the plane first. LaShaun stepped off the plane with stars in her eyes. There were crowds of people waiting for their expected party. There wasn’t a expected party for LaShaun, but she was expecting someone. Off in a corner she saw her target. He was (22) and finer than ever. LaShaun walked up to him with a huge smile. “Hi!” She said in a chipper voice. Corey looked at her with a even bigger smile. “Oh my god! LaShaun, is that you? Where’s LOU?”

(20) minutes later, Corey Givens was exiting the airport with a different expression on his face. LaShaun was quickly on his tail. “Wait a minute! Will you please stop and listen?” LaShaun pleaded with a pissed Corey. “What, what do you want me to say LaShaun?” Corey spun around with a crazed look on his face. “You can say that your happy to see me. You can even give me a hug, or those flowers your holding.” Corey burst into a crazed response. “I was planning on saying all those things, but not to you. Those letters I written were meant for LOU, not you. The invitation and first class ticket was extended to LOU, not you.” LaShaun stopped him, before he could humiliate her anymore. She pulled out the fist full of letters. “But you did invite me. Louise don’t love you. She’s never loved you. It’s always been me, nobody else but me.”

A year later, LaShaun laid in a hospital bed with her new born son. C.J. was born to a very happy mother and a uncertain father. The nurse came in to put little C.J. down. Corey followed in as they walked out. “How are you feeling today?” Corey asked a exhausted LaShaun. “I’m better now that your here.” LaShaun responded with stars in her eyes. Having a child at (19), was not what LaShaun had in mind, but she didn’t question any of it.

Two years later, LaShaun and Corey celebrate little C.J.’s second birthday. The two made themselves a life together. LaShaun seemed to be working the hardest on it! She watched her handsome son play with his gifts, and friends. LaShaun wondered where his fine-ass father was. She walked through the house looking for Corey. She looked at the pictures on the wall. There were pictures of Corey and LaShaun together. Then there were pictures of the “HAPPY” family together. Corey was very good looking. When he was (18), he was the hottest dude in the neighborhood. LaShaun was always jealous that Louise had him. Now that he’s (24), LaShaun feels victorious! He’s finer at (24) then he was at (18). Everyone woman that crossed his path seemed to think so. LaShaun, finally saw Corey, but in a very compromising situation. Out by the garden, Corey stood with his co-worker. They seemed to be in deep discussion. Corey turned and looked at LaShaun. “We’re about to cut the cake, I’m sure that you don’t want to miss it.” LaShaun said, while feeling ashamed that she interrupted their conversation. Corey never blinked an eye, or turned away. LaShaun felt so uncomfortable. C.J’s second birthday party was a success, LaShaun’s and Corey’s relationship was nothing to celebrate.


LaShaun, finally started school. C.J. was older and able to talk. She felt more comfortable leaving him with a sitter. Things were great with baby, but Corey was becoming more distant. LaShaun, thought things were at there worst, but she had no idea.

Halfway through her second year, LaShaun was rushed to the hospital. To her relief, it wasn’t anything life threaten. She was a little dehydrated, but the other thing the doctors found, almost killed her. The doctors informed LaShaun that she was two months pregnant. LaShaun was in shock! She wasn’t sure what the gods were trying to tell her. The entire (4) years didn’t go as she planned. Corey wasn’t the guy he portrayed in the letters. LaShaun thought that in time Corey would come around. Having C.J. seemed to make the situation worst. LaShaun would be damned if she had another one. She instantly made an appointment to terminate the situation.

Three weeks after LaShaun’s procedure. Doubt seemed to cloud her mind, and for the first time during this entire ordeal. LaShaun wondered , had she made a mistake. There wasn’t time for her to dwell on what could’ve been. The problems in her life, were of her own doing. The house was empty, but not just any empty. It was eerie! C.J. was at school and she assumed that Corey was at work. Her insurance didn’t cover the entire procedure, so she had to pay the rest by card. Somehow her charge card was over its limit. She looked through the bedroom draws for the bank statement. What LaShaun found was more than what she bargained for. LaShaun found letters after letters, that Corey was writing to some girl. She read a few, which in raged her! They both confessed their love for each other and if their situations were different they’d be together. LaShaun closed the dresser draw, with force! Cologne bottles and jewelry fell to the floor. LaShaun reached behind the dresser to pick up the mess. That’s where she saw a shoe box tucked away in a corner. LaShaun quickly grabbed the box and opened it. Once LaShaun popped the top off, she felt as if she was about to faint. It was her past coming back to haunt her. The box was full of letters to Louise. After all this time, this bastard was still writing Louise. LaShaun was outraged! She quickly grabbed her bag and keys and headed out the door.

C.J. was surprised to she LaShaun picking him up from school. Usually his sitter would pick him up, since LaShaun and Corey worked odd hours. C.J. was full of energy, as usual. LaShaun took C.J. to the mall for ice cream and to a Disney Movie afterwards. After the show, LaShaun called C.J.’s sitter and asked if she could watch him. She happily said yes and C.J. was dropped off.

It was after ten, when Corey arrived home. All of the lights were out in the house and he wondered where his family was. There was no note, no dinner waiting in the refrigerator. Corey didn’t wonder too long. He sat in front of the television, eating some cold left over chicken. The telephone ring and Corey answered. It wasn’t LaShaun, but it was a female. Corey sat smiling and gushing over his home call, he didn’t notice LaShaun walking into the living-room. Once Corey noticed her, LaShaun was standing right in front of the television. The smile on Corey’s face disappeared. He hung up the phone without a goodbye. “That don’t look like happiness to see me dear.” LaShaun said, as she turned the television off. “Where did you come from.” Corey questioned her. “Don’t worry about that Corey. I’m finally here now and I totally understand what’s going on. I know all about the chick on the telephone and all the shit that you’ve been doing.” LaShaun spoke with confidence. “Good! I’m glad that you know. This saves me the trouble of writing your ass a letter. I’ve never loved you LaShaun. You were convenient, but once that wore off you became clingy and needy. I’m glad that it’s finally over between us. You could never be what Louise was to me.” Corey responded to LaShaun and began to walk away. “You son of a bitch!” LaShaun screamed out! She ran behind Corey, beating him with bare-fist in his back. Corey turned and grabbed LaShaun’s wrist. “You stupid bitch!” Corey said, then he back handed her. LaShaun fell to the floor, but no tears came from her eyes. LaShaun picks herself off the floor and reaches for an ash-tray. Corey walks away, but is stopped in his tracks. LaShaun whacks him across the back of his head. Corey drops down to his knees. Blood begins to gush. “Now we’re officially over, darling.” LaShaun says to Corey, as she stands in front of him. LaShaun then whacks Corey across the face. Corey falls backward into a coffee table. Blood runs from the front and the back of his head. LaShaun looks at a passed out Corey and she feels vindicated. Reality begins to set in! What if Corey’s dead? What will LaShaun do with the body?

Corey was still alive, but barely. What would LaShaun say to the police? There was no time think, LaShaun had to get rid of Corey’s body.

LaShaun grabbed some rope from the garage. She tied Corey’s legs and arms. LaShaun dragged Corey’s limp body to the garage, then picked him up and put him into the trunk.

LaShaun drove two and a half hours, South of her location. It was place that had a lake. Once LaShaun arrived, she parked her car and checked the area out. It was dark and deserted, which is what LaShaun was looking for. LaShaun popped the trunk and pulled Corey’s body out. There was blood everywhere, but LaShaun didn’t care. She looked at Corey’s bloody face. “We could’ve had it all, but you allowed your dick to run things for you.” LaShaun said, as she picked up a heavy rock. With that heavy rock, LaShaun began to smash Corey’s face in. After the third hit, LaShaun heard Corey whimpering. LaShaun didn’t care, anymore. She pulled Corey’s body down into the water. LaShaun began trying to drowning him, but she quickly notice that he wouldn’t stay under. LaShaun pulled him back on to the shore. She was sure there had to be another way. LaShaun put Corey back into the trunk of the car. She drove the two and a half hours back to her house.

It was after three, but a lot closer to four. LaShaun looked at the minor mess in the living-room. She took the longest shower that she could. LaShaun cleaned up up the broken coffee-table. She pulled out all her cleaning supplies and began to go to work.

By seven a.m., LaShaun was done! There was one thing to yet to finish. LaShaun walked out to the garage. There in the cars trunk, was Corey. LaShaun returned to the bedroom, the two of them shared. She packed all his clothes. All of his cologne and personal items. She threw all of his love letters in a fire! That’s when the idea came of burning him.

LaShaun went to C.J’s baby-sitter, that afternoon. She ranged the door-bell and a young Hispanic woman answered. “Bueno LaShaun! What are you doing here?”

After thirty minutes of conversation. “So what do I tell Corey Jr.?” “You tell him nothing! I’ll send you money every month. Do not try to contact me. If you do, I’ll take him away and place him in foster care.” LaShaun replied, as she walked out of the house. “Don’t you want to see him, before you leave?” LaShaun’s response was an envelope of money, which she withdrew from her and Corey’s savings. LaShaun walked away slowly, but not slow enough. She felt the tears rolling down her face. But this was what she had to do. Everything was cleaned and removed from their house. The house was listed for rent, by the owner. LaShaun didn’t stick around to meet the new renters. Corey and LaShaun owned the house, but LaShaun didn’t care anything about it. The last (4) years of her life didn’t mean a thing. LaShaun’s life would have new meaning, starting today.