Last night, the roving reporter “PETER PARKER” and I had a conversation.

20120501-102109.jpg I basically asked him, when was the last time someone stepped to him and they had a meaningful conversation. Ofcourse, he had to think about it. He opposed the same question to me, and my answer was in the 90’s……lol. Seriously! It’s been a minute. With all this new technology out, twitter/Facebook/iPads…..etc. All of our tools have become smarter, but we’ve opted to dumb ourselves down. We’ve abbreviated words and questions in everyday conversation. (wyd/ttyl/lol/smh…..etc) Talking to people now has become extremely brief and awkward to me. You ask people how’s there day going, and generally they’re response is “FINE!” what the fuck is “FINE?” I asked you a whole entire sentence and all I get is a one word response?

PETER PARKER said, he usually don’t make the first move in situations. I myself am all about the moves. But I’m told that I’m to aggressive and forward. I ask how a persons day was? Where are they from, originally? What types of things are they into? I feel that these are basic getting to know a person questions. But I still get one word responses. (my day was fine/good) (I’m from L. A.) (I’m into the regular things)

People tend to not believe my intentions for some reason. I seem to constantly keep paying for other peoples mistakes. That shit is truly working my nerves. What is standard bar/club conversation? Is it your place or mine? Do you live alone? Do you have a car outside, or is there a near by alley? Not all the time is “SEX” on the mind. Sometimes you want to meet someone nice and have a casual conversation, and not find your clothes crumpled up on the floor.

“SEX”, seems to always be the get out of knowing you card. As long as we’re sexually compatible, things will work out find. BULLSHIT! Everything isn’t about sex! We can’t fuck in the middle of a restaurant. And I surely didn’t pay twenty something dollars to get off in a movie theater.

The point I’m trying to make is, where has all the conversation gone? Why post in a online site that your looking for friends, but your vocabulary is of a third grader? Why exchange numbers, only to always be busy or text broken sentences? Why do you even exist on this planet, if your not serious? Why, why, why?

PETER PARKER is hopeful, that he’ll meet that person who’ll engage him with stimulating conversation. I’m hopeful, that I’ll have to pull out my twelve gage and shoot a MUTHAFUCKER. They’re more stupid people among us, looking for nothing but a good time. These people don’t care whose hearts they break, or what lies they tell. These people are selfish and callous, and they need to be destroyed.

I know that there’s people like PETER PARKER and I out there. He’s very loving and always willing to help. And then there’s me, with the “BITCH PLEASE” attitude…..LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!