This conversation started harmlessly on a Wednesday afternoon. Once again I was going down that relationship-highway and I found a new passenger. I wanted to know this persons thoughts on the ends, and outs of relationship. So here it is a Person-2-Person conversation between Trevor Myers74 and MaestroProdigy.

TM: I like weird things.

MP: I had a guy once pull my dick out smelt it and put it back. That threw me off cause he took a big sniff.

TM: Did you two mess around?

MP: No, he turned out to be weird.

TM: Like I said, I like weird things. Most dudes find them a turn off. I believe that is another reason I stay single.

MP: Yeah but this wasnt a i like you cause you different weird this was a why isnt this person in a mental hospital weird.

TM: Weird is weird I believe. I try not to show that side, until we’ve been together for a while. But the relationships never last that long with me. Some people want you to be up front, but when you do, your condemned for it.

MP: Thats cause everyone high strunge all the time. I think there is more that people like then they want to admit.

TM: Ofcourse, but being honest can be a blessing and a curse. I feel that if two people have the most important things in common, it should work. The other things should fall into place if the two people allow them to. Most people are more into the material aspect. Car/house/gym membership…….shit have the time they don’t have

MP: I could agree with that. Hard to find that match though. Material things have never been me.

TM: Do you want to be in a relationship sir?

MP: My feelings on a relationship changes. I want one at times but I feel im not in a place to be in one as well.

TM: So, why all the random dates?

MP: What dates?

TM: Ok, the meeting of random people. Is that a better term?

MP: I dont meet folks alot. I talk to people here and there and see what they about. Ill do a meet a greet and thats about it just to be nice. But an actual date is rare.

TM: check out “The brief encounter” on the main page of the blog for this next section.

MP: Yes i would agree strongly. In fact i wrote something similar to that but it was more related to love then attraction. But still, people rush or They’re Desperate to have some that they call what is unworthy to be worthy.

TM: Don’t we all want someone to be with, to love and be loved? Who wants to date someone to wake up and find that they’re no longer interested in you as a person. It’s easier for them to move on and leave you clueless. Shit like that sucks major dick!

MP: It does suck. But I would not be that person going after someone who doesnt want me the same way. I dont understand that mentality

TM: Some ppl feel that, if the sex is great everything will work. Why do most ppl cheat anyway? What makes ppl think that the grass is greener on the other side? I myself believe that men aren’t made to be in relationships with each other. People like to play roles! I feel that if were two men, that’s how it should be. There’s no woman here, so don’t pretend that your a wife if you have a dick in between your legs. And of a dude wants you to act that way, then he should date a woman.

MP: I think boys always want what they dont have or havent had yet. That sex is good statement is very interesting because thats the first thing most are worried About anyways. And that whole role playing isnt for men. But men try to play it. I agree. Act like men even if you not using yo dick you still got one.

TM: I hate to think that the “lifestyle” is nothing but the devils work. You see a man, you desire a man. You’ll eventually have the man, but you can never keep him. No matter how good you look How great your sex is
Or how financial you are.
He’ll always think he can find better

MP: The mentality of two guys never match up in my eyes. If it does, they both got to be willing to keep it that way. But thats hardly the case. Especially in today’s world, where its much more easier to find another dude to replace what you got.

TM: And why is that? Again it’s the role play thing. Someone, or both parties have to always play a role I don’t believe that it’s replacement. I sometimes believe if your looking for that certain type, and you get him. Your shocked! Every dude before home said he was the certain guy, but lied. Now that you have him, your not sure what to do, so you look for that guy that says he’s that, but really not. Men complicate things, when its not needed to be. In my book, it’s either “Yes-or-No.” Either we will or we won’t. I don’t have time to waste on anything.

MP: Well to answer you earlier. I think its a dominant issue. Men want everything their way and are less likely to subside to the other. They’re are quick to blame
One another for what ever issues big or small that They’re having. If you think about it everytime you meet a new boy and ask why they are single the response Is usually whats wrong with everyone else but themselves.

TM: True that!
I like to tell both sides of the story, just because there is two sides. But then after I’m done with a dude, I’m done! No conversation, or reminiscing on the past. My past shouldn’t be my new future. Once two people start talking about past relationships, you start to see the what type of dude your newbie is, without him telling you.

MP: I dont ask alot of questions. Im very observant on what you choose to tell me. And im less likely to get into my past unless its relivant. The one’s that rant On and on about whats wrong with dudes and no one does them right and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I pay less attention to those. They’re not ready for anything serious, so why try. Self pity is what so many use to try to gain the likeless of the person They’re feeling at the time.

TM: I am the same
I’ll allow you to tell me shit, without asking It’s a gift that some ppl have, and I use it to my advantage ALWAYS!!!!! If I pity you, I can’t love you. That’s the bottom line! I have no pity for anyone.

MP: Why try. Self pity is what so many use to try to gain the likeness of the person They’re feeling at the time. But yeah. Many people dont sit back and watch or have the ability to understand observing someones way of thinking.