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So eight days after Jay-Z Releases his 13th studio album 4:44, the album is officially released on Apple Music. When 4:44 was originally released on June 30th, it was exclusively available on Jay-Z’s own streaming service (Tiday). Hip/Hop music heads were in a frenzy to cop Jiggas new heat! If you didn’t have Tidal you were out of luck! But where there’s a will, there’s a way and I’m sure a big ass check! Not only are non Tidal customers able to download 4:44 on ITunes/Apple Music, they’ll be a physical cd in stores as well. The physical copy of 4:44 will offer three bonus tracks not on any of the streaming versions of 4:44. I’m  sure there’s a 4:44 tour slated before the years out, so Jigga fans get your money up. I’m sure Jay-Z has a lot of heat slated for us all in the next five months.


(10) RANDOM QUESTIONS: 08/16/2014


1. Is it just me, or is the “NEW” celebrity trend “BREAK-UPS”?


2. Do you remember when the “TREND” was having kids?

3. Why do Light-skin people, with fine-hair claim to be products of mixed race?

4. Wouldn’t it piss you off if your stylist dressed like someone else for a event? />


5. I am a Tamar Braxton fan, but wasn’t this a major fail for her head to toe?


6. Why do lesbian marriage get more praise and publicity than their same-sex male counterparts?


7. Is it just me, or should August Alsina have his stylist fired?


8. After (3) kids, don’t Kimora Lee Simmons body look amazing and natural?


9. Don’t Amber Rose look like a Madame Tussauds wax figure in this picture?


10. Are y’all excited about Bravo adding model Claudia Jordan and actress Demetria McKinney to the RHOA nonsense?


(10) RANDOM QUESTIONS: 08/14/2014


1. With all of these celebrities dying unexpectedly, how long are us non-celebrities expected to live?

2. Did anyone know that Tyga and Blac Chyna broke up?


3. Does anyone really care?

4. How cute is Tyga though?


5. How long are celebrity relationships expected to last?

6. So this is Amber Rose #mcm
What do y’all think about it?


7. Whose responsible?


8. Whose responsible?


9. Are we going to watch oxygens Sisterhood of Hip/Hop?


10. How excited are we that Braxton Family Values season (4) premiers tonight?





Yesterday I asked the question, “who has a hot video out?”  The answer came to me in the form of “ratchet” Hip/Hop. But not just any old run of the mill Hip/Hop nonsense. This was surprisingly new and uniquely refreshing.
Fly Young Red is new and hot, and  we’ll be talking about this sexy dude for a while.

Armed with the mixtape “Pretty Boy Realness” soon to be released to the streets.
F.Y.R gives us his interpretations of Beyonce’s “Partition” and Drake’s “The Language”, which are just a few gems on this CD I’m sure.


But what really sets this young rapper apart from his counterparts is that he’s openly gay. Yes, you heard me right! Southern rapper, Fly Young Red is openly gay and his a hit on his hand. Or on his dick wherever it chooses to land.

“Throw that Boy Pussy” is the song and it has everything one would expect from Southern “ratchet” Hip/Hop. But from a “Gay” man’s perspective.


The video delivers as well, with  booty short wearing, twerking hot boys doing sex moves and hand stands. All along while F.Y.R raps about his love of the man’s ass.

Clap that ass in a split, let me see you clap that ass like a bitch
Yeah, I’m tryin’ to get you back home, see if you can clap that ass on this dick” Those are just some of the catchy lyrics that everyone will be chanting inbthe hood. The lyric that got me was ” What’s your real name, not your Jack’d name
Bend it over, bust it open, bring it back man
Hold it open, imma eat it, like a Pacman
I’m tryin’ to beat it out the frame and give you back pains


True, Fly Young Red is not saying anything that we haven’t heard before. But he is however saying it for the same sex and it’s actually hot!

There are no gimmicks to this guys music, just raw talent with a honest approach. Here’s somebody that’s literally “Keeping it Real” and you can’t be mad at him for doing so.

He’s not dressed up in a wig, or running around with a face full of make up. He’s just a simple man being honest about what he likes and I can’t blame him for that.

Thank you Fly Young Red for shattering the myth and kicking down that stereotypical door.

PHARRELL GIVES US HIS “G I R L” : 02/22/2014

20140222-120025.jpgAfter striking gold with Robin ‘s “Blurred lines”, Daft Punks “Get Lucky” featuring Nile Rogers on guitar and Despicable me 2 song, “Happy”. Pharrell Williams returns!!!!!
But then he was never really gone.

On March 3rd, Pharrell will be releasing his highly anticipated 2nd solo album. Most people are probably like, his second album? Yes! His second album. “In My Mind” was his first album, which was released eight years ago. But your probably wondering to yourself, Pharrrell has had other songs. And the answer is yes, but as the front man for The Neptune’s/N.E.R.D projects.

Pharrell’s newest solo album is tilted, “G I R L”.
Which is deliberately capitalized and doubled spaced in style.
This album will honor the female figures that have been part of his life and probably be laced with funk/pop/R&B/ and hip/hop flavor. This is usually the norm for a Pharrell project.

Pharrell’s collaborations on this album include, Alicia Keys/Miley Cyrus/Daft Punk/JoJo and Justin Timberlake.
I’m pretty sure there’s more surprises up Pharrell’s sleeve. This man never seems to disappoint us in the music or fashion department.

So when I read that he’s making a comeback, I say “where the fuck has he been?”
For the past eight years he’s worked with Madonna (one of my favorites)
Justin Timberlake/Beyonce/JLO/Britney Spears/Maroon 5/the Game/Frank Ocean, just to name a few.
Pharrell has made and revived a lot of artist careers over the year and made a acclaimed artist of himself.

With the motivated optimistic “Happy” leading the album “G I R L”, I’m sure it’ll be a #1 seller from one of our favorite platinum artist and producers.




So, the legendary singer and songwriter Babyface teamed up again with the pint size powerhouse “DIVA” ,Toni Braxton. This time to deliver the first great R&B CD of 2014. “Love Marriage & Divorce” is the title and it is a rollercoaster of love and emotions, but in a good way. Face and Ms. Braxton duets on eight of the eleven tracks ranging from break ups to make ups. These topics aren’t strangers to either of thes two artist or the listeners. The delivery this time around is fresh and grown up, which makes this CD shine. There’s no “breathe again” or “unbreak my heart” ballads to make you feel like slitting your wrist. Nobodys going to the stripclub, or calling someone out their names, which seems to be the current formula in today’s R&B music. Instead we’re getting two R&B greats doing great R&B music and sounding WONDERFUL doing it.


This CD puts you in the mind of a more modern Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Ashford & Simpson project. Which makes me wonder, why wasn’t this project put together years earlier?

With all of the crazy things going on with Ms. Braxton. Her health and current money issues, one would never know it to hear her sing. Her beautiful voice is unaffected and unapologetic on these songs. Toni is clearly here to win and to show that she has stay power. But then Babyface does know how to bring the best out of the ladies musically, whether it be R&B or pop music. (Whitney Houston, Madonna, Pebbles, Karyn White, Sheena Easton, Shanice, SWV, Paula Abdul….etc)

So if your looking for really great R&B music without all the extra additives, “Love Marriage & Divorce” is your best bet. Toni and Face both sing from their hearts, which is why we love these two artist.